An Insurgent’s Guide to the Post-Corona Reality — A Parapolitical Delve into Society, Technology, Politics, Spirituality, Health, Food and the Economic Reality of the Flu World Order

Dharma Warrior
25 min readApr 19, 2020

This is directed at the ‘consciousness insurgent’. You are on a unique journey of exploration and self-development. You have accepted the realities of the shadowy aspects of power and also have embraced your own personal shadow. You accept existence for what it is and the unseen forces which drive us. You don’t need outside props to be happy. You are content with walks in the woods, smelling the flowers, creating and communing with fellow conscious men and women. You have seen through the deception and lies of the ‘plandemic’ or at least the flimsiness of the narrative, evidence and statistics. You do not consume the spiritually and psychologically toxic mainstream media. You read and listen widely with an open mind. Either by the luck of your birth or through your practices you enjoy the benefits of an enhanced central nervous system and an ability to connect the dots both intellectually and intuitively. You can decipher real from unreal. The wool cannot be pulled over your eyes. You are very careful about what you are enticed to believe and try to stay as unaligned as possible. You go down rabbit holes but you always come out again with a balanced perspective. You sensed this was coming. You recognised it both for the technocratic, reordering powerplay that it is but also as a unique spiritual event like no other; either the biggest cockup in history or the greatest real time conspiracy. In alchemical terms, it represents nigredo (the blackening); the collective dark night of the soul as longstanding falsehoods are laid bare and a transition takes places. Reality has been reset. You have observed with fascination and detachment these last few weeks. You realise things are going to be very different. You are preparing for the next cycle of consciousness. You are understandably concerned about how this will impact your life, your loved ones and your own sovereign path. I’m not an oracle. I don’t receive downloads from angels and spirits but from one combatant to another, this is my realistic but best optimistic take on what our new reality will be like and how as cultural and spiritual insurgents we might navigate this technocratic power play and the Flu World Order.

Firstly, pat yourself on the back. Thank God, the gods, your fortuitous rebirth, your upbringing; whatever it was that got you here to this level of awareness. Forget the class system, the new order will divide society between those who fell for the deception and those who didn’t, those who can be socially engineered and those who can’t, those who are sovereign and those who aren’t. A compassionate take is that the vast majority of people in society are innocent in nature. They are simple, straightforward and take everything at face value. They are as much victims of a sophisticated social engineering operation than its belligerents. It plays upon their psychology and neurotransmitters. They are the shudras of the caste system and the Hobbits of the Shire. They are often good hearted and in a strange way their predilection for conformity gives me hope. They reflect our current leaders and the filth of mainstream culture and media. They are so easily socially engineered that just imagine what might be possible if they weren’t fed shit and kept in the dark? Imagine if our leaders were beneficent, wise and noble. How quickly could society change for the better if there were honourable, self-realised leaders in charge. I of course digress from my remit of realism. This dynamic is looking unlikely to change any time soon but I never fully give up hope. I will refer to them as normies but please know that my disdain is aimed at the willfully ignorant; those who are intelligent enough to work things out but who engage in self-deception to protect their rigid, ‘rational’ view of the world. I’m thinking of the kind of person who is racked with anxiety over the coronavirus pandemic, only consumes the mainstream media but will aggressively take issue with any facts that run counter to the narrative they are receiving through their screens. They obsess over and publicly shame their neighbours for not social distancing. This is the type of person which irks me and the ones I suggest we try to avoid as much as we can in our lives.

This is also a time to give thanks for all the wonderful people in our loves, our fellow corona sceptics and spiritual allies. I don’t know about you but people I have a massive affection for from my past have all been in contact with me these last few weeks. It’s as if we have all been thinking of what and who matters most to us. It’s been beautiful to hear from all the people I actually want to hear from but due to the mundanity of day to day life had fallen by the wayside. I have also had interactions with new people online as we share information, memes and our frustrated incredulity. These are the kind of connections we will need to foster in the post-corona reality. We need to stick together.

Down to business and unfortunately the first pill is the blackest. Changing our behaviors through social distancing and passing emergency laws are designed to protect the architects of the neo-liberal global financial system. The real story is not a virus but the unfolding, unprecedented economic collapse caused by a mountain of debt. It is going to be monumental in scale and will likely eclipse 1929 several fold. The money printing machine is working overtime as unlimited liquidity is pumped into the markets and central banks buy business debt. The quantitative easing can only stave off the inevitable for so long. Expect stagflation flipping to hyperinflation, 40% unemployment and at least a 25% reduction in GDP. Governments will pay our wages for a while and likely compensate businesses as much as they are able. When debt hits some arbitrary ceiling, governments will declare bankruptcy and the solutions will be offered. Likely it will be a new financial system based upon global digital currencies. It’s time for all of us do our own personal risk assessment. If you are a government worker, you’ll be fine. If you are in any kind of industry reliant on wants instead of needs or a less prestigious academic institution, it’s time to be realistic. If you are due to retire anytime soon, it’s not looking good. The pension deficit was beyond repair even before this crisis. For all the simpletons who argue that the economy doesn’t matter and that saving lives trumped any other consideration (a false dichotomy anyway in the face of the reality of co-morbidity and old age), the implications of a correlation between a 6% increased risk of dying for every 1% rise in overall unemployment should ring loud and clear. This isn’t just about jobs, it’s about our supply chains, the food and essentials we need to survive and national services and infrastructure reliant on tax receipts (although maybe now more will start to question that link as it increasingly dawns that private banks invent money from thin air anyway). I have always hoped for a transition from our current system of continuous economic growth and environmentally exploitative practices but gradually, not like this. Not Year Zero.

We will have the chance to retrain no doubt. We will likely be offered government grants to do so. We will have to consider pooling resources with friends and family, perhaps sharing homes in the short/medium term. As we see widespread SME business collapse, corporations will increasingly fill the void. If you haven’t already this is the time to stop buying from Amazon and Walmart. Please support local businesses even if it means traveling a bit further or paying extra. If you are a landlord, maybe consider initiating a two-tier rent system; charging extra rent for government workers especially the bureaucrats and officials. Their jobs are safe for life while they administer the medicine that will cause great suffering to the ‘non-essentials’. Buy gold and silver while money is still worth something but actually physically hold the asset instead of kidding yourself about the legitimacy of online investment portfolios. Start learning about cryptocurrencies. It is on my to do list. We are going back to the 1970s economically and big government is going to be the teat on which most of us are going to have to suck from. It’s not as if that was the plan all along now was it?! We at least know what is coming and have no excuse for wasting our energy in the looming public anger fest. This is not the time to spend worrying whether Bill Gates is going to microchip you. Consider evaluating what skills you have to offer and how you might acquire more for the new economic reality.

We are all familiar with expressions of totalitarianism from Communism, to fascism, to the strong man dictator. Our new system is going to contain elements we will recognise but it will also be different. Fascism with flowers, totalitarianism with a smile; the rainbow flag is the new swastika. Just as Nietzsche predicted, the state has become God. We are being encouraged to venerate the state worker (the ‘essentials’) just as we witnessed in Soviet Russia and Communist China and indulge further in collective fantasies without any basis in reality. The worst-case scenario will be big, technocratic government which will enforce its will on us through a lack of choice. We won’t have cash and it will coerce us into officially sanctioned ‘choices’ through a Chinese style social credit score and digital money. If we want our allocation, we will need to be good citizens. We will need to keep up with the vaccine schedule, not view inappropriate content online and our movements will likely be tracked through the upcoming 5G network. Whilst this sounds bleak, it is of course the worst-case scenario. Expect the worst, hope for the best I say. When natural law is violated so violently as it is currently the universe has the habit of coming to the rescue in strange and unexpected ways. Solar flare anyone? Ultimately no one is going to stop us enjoying nature, being creative and the company of our loved ones. This could spark a human renaissance as the new two-tier corona-normie/insurgent societal structure forces us to make new connections with our fellow outcasts. We will live proudly outside of society, not quite as full on as the Sadhus of India but just as fiercely in our own designated communities where we will educate our own children and grow our own food. Think the Amish but without the religious dogma.

Whilst technology will be used to try to subjugate us, I also have faith that as we enter this new high-tech age, new technologies will give us the opportunity to combat the power of the technocracy. I’m thinking cryptocurrencies and perhaps our own version of the internet, a universal dark web which allows to carry on communicating, connecting digitally and researching without fear of being monitored and censored. When there is a will there is a way. For every technological impasse and imposition, geeks will develop breakthroughs to out geek the system. We will learn to digitise and monetise ourselves. Welcome to the new technological Cold War my fellow insurgents.

The other path may be to embrace neo-luddism. It might be time to dust off the old Nokia brick and fane boomer ineptitude when you are required to download your tracking app. Back to books, barter and traditional ways of living. Perhaps Varg Vikernes was right after all? Will I be seeing you in the woods? I fear anarcho-primitives will be rowing against a powerful tide of inevitability as universal forces drive this new Aquarian technological age. Go with it I say and make the best you can of the opportunities.

“What we’re experiencing is, in a metaphorical sense, a reversal of the early trajectory of civilization: we are evolving from being cultivators of personal knowledge to being hunters and gatherers in the electronic data forest.”

Nicholas Carr, The Shallows

As a political eunuch I don’t need to tell you that politics is dead. Trump heralded the beginning of the post-political age as the forces of post modernism and critical theory transformed the political sphere from a stale wasteland to the hyperreal fairy-tale Adam Curtis warned us about. No one except the most stubborn believes in politics anymore. If you are still trapped in the artificial left/right wing paradigm you have work to do. It’s great to have an ideal vision and perhaps come out of the woodwork every few years to vote for the least bad option but no politician is going to save us, especially now. The managers of the decline have finally met their match. We will see lots of politicians retire no doubt sighting their strong desire to have seen their constituents through the coronavirus crisis. Faced with worldwide economic collapse, they will be exiting the political arena as quickly as they can. The psychopaths will eagerly stick around to enforce the emergency laws they passed. Will the good citizens who stayed home and snitched on their neighbours rise up when they find their marketing and telesales jobs gone? Don’t count on it but how the anger will be contained and managed by our political class will make for engrossing viewing.

Trump is a shoe in for re-election against senile old Creepy Joe (or are they planning to bus in Hillary to replace him?!). If like me you are not of the puritanical Trump derangement persuasion, you will welcome four more years of farce, drama and his trolling humour. Whenever I hear anyone complain how stupid Trump is because the MSM told them so, I know they have never read Sun Tzu’s Art of War. His victims never know they are being played until is it too late. I don’t believe he is part of any coronavirus conspiracy. He groped around in the dark reactively. This was either above his pay scale or it points to the very factional makeup of the global power structure. He looked genuinely grief stricken when his precious economy crashed in ruins. He had put all his eggs in that one election success basket but you can’t keep the God Emperor down. He has shown himself to yet again to be a rhinoceros. His lurgy themed press conferences have sent the liberals into the same convulsions as his tweets. He is the chaos magician king of energy harvest and transmutation. The question is, is he a Trojan horse deceiver delivering the NWO or is he a 3D chess playing trickster bringing about its downfall? I honestly don’t know. I haven’t made my mind up yet. The reason I am hopeful that he might be 'our guy' is that in the good Vs evil, light Vs dark dichotomy of existence, the scales are tipped so heavily to darkness right now that anyone of straightforward, noble intentions who tried to make a difference in the political sphere would long be blocked and destroyed before they ever got near a position of power. In the depths of the Kali Yuga, the only person who could pull it off would have to be a powerful insider who appears totally ambiguous in their intentions. They would have to be a master of transmuting energy and an expert in chaos protocols. If it was going to be anyone, it would be Trump, the orange Heyoka*.

(*A Heyoka is a kind of sacred clown in the culture of the Lakota people. The Heyoka is a contrarian, jester, and satirist, who speaks, moves and reacts in an opposite fashion to the people around them. They break established paradigms by causing people to question their reality and situation through their absurd behaviour).

In the UK Boris is the template for the phoney nationalist as the political system cleverly manufactures and directs dissent into approved choices. Fake nationalism will likely be the new model which purports to be anti-globalism but actually facilitates it through the backdoor. A good example would be Ireland which lowered its corporation tax. Superficially it appeared as independent policy serving national interest which attracted all the big corporations to its shores. It’s no coincidence that then came the ultra-liberal policies and the mass migration of globalism which are changing the country beyond all recognition. Brexit was supposed to be about saving the UK from the EU which was really about ensuring the special status of the global financial hub of the City of London, while maintaining the status quo for the rest of the country. Yes, there will be less immigrants from Europe but expect more from other parts of the world especially Africa. Same old, same old. Will we ever properly leave? Probably not until the EU collapses which can’t be too far ahead now. It’s in its hail Mary stage as its impotence and irrelevance have been laid bare by this crisis.

The most interesting change in the geopolitical world will likely be the death of China. Whichever narrative you subscribe to, whether the virus escaped from a lab or from a wet market, Chinese malpractice was to blame. Seeing all the horrifying animal mistreatment and disgusting eating practices in our news feeds was a strange digital portent for the natural justice to come. World leaders are pissed and will gradually ensure that the factories which have kept the Chinese oligarchy in power move away. They’ll go to places like Cambodia and perhaps to the untapped potential of Russia. That transporter plane filled with medical supplies sent by Putin to America was highly symbolic of a new friendly relationship between the two former adversaries. Some factories may even come back to Europe and America as the insanity of having all supply chains rooted in China is fully realised. Japan was the first to move, allocating $2 billion of the country’s economic stimulus package to help its companies move production away from the mainland. Expect the rest of the world to follow. This could spark the beginning of the end of this uniquely evil regime which deserves everything coming its way. When unrest sparked by economic hardship spreads will the Chinese control system be able to cope? I suspect not. I hope we will witness the gradual redemption of the Chinese people who have been uniquely brutalised and dehumanised. The popular sentiment of revulsion is deserved but they also merit our compassion, a once great people and civilisation brought to their knees by Communism and oligarchy.

The old gods of control, climate change and racism are dead. Their mission to generate disciples of the global technocratic religion had failed. We have a new global religion in town which plays on the universal weak spot of our neurosis. The holy sacraments and vestiges of the church of corona are masks, gloves and sanitising gel; the rites excessive hand washing and social distancing; the savour a future vaccine and the god an egregore made up of the sum total of the collective power of fear. The martyrs are the essential workers and the NHS the new Vatican. Did you notice how Boris ‘rose from the dead’ on Good Friday? By accident or design, theocratic symbolism is everywhere. This is set against the backdrop of the final death throes of actual organised religion. Christianity is dead. Anyone who follows the proclamations of the Pope can see this. Did you hear him calling for universal basic income recently? He is the master psychopathic gaslighter. The Catholic Church knows the game is up hence their cucking to Islam which they hope will be the saviour of the Abrahamic mind virus and their institutional power. We will see a merging of Christianity and Islam, the two universalist desert brothers long estranged, reunited. Both were successful in their missions. Designed for the respective temperaments of Europeans and Middle Easterners, they corroded the tribal ties, honour codes and difficult to manage polytheistic mindset, replacing them with monotheism and a universal tribe designed to scorch the cultural-political-religious landscape in preparation for the monocultures of globalism. Islam will become a watered-down version of its fundamentalist self as the liberal forces of global capitalism work its degenerative magic in the new caliphates of Europe. I predict we will witness a resurgence in interest in concepts such as chi (prana), spirits, gods, fairies, architypes, magic, mysticism. divination, astrology, earth energies, reverence for nature’s cycles and the occult in general. Sanatana Dharma/Hinduism will continue to survive and evolve with the times. Free of its New Age baggage, we will see a serious and increasing re-engagement with the occult and spiritual concepts in a new form of unaligned chaos paganism. It will be nameless, unclassifiable and will eclectically beg, steal and borrow and yet be sincere in its reverence and intention to bring these traditional ideas back into relevance for today’s spiritual insurgents. The holy books of Abrahamism have finally lost their power. Hallelujah.

5G conjures fear like no single number and a letter can. The plan is to have the ‘internet of things’, every device SMART, connected, transmitting and collecting data in an electrified control grid. Our lives will be tracked in real time and the information used to monitor, allocate and manage us. We will see a revolution in electric vehicles and be encouraged to work from home using this new communications infrastructure. For some people who like the idea of 5G facilitated big government, unlimited digital connectivity and having their lives curated by corporations, 5G will be a dream come true. If you are reading this, like me you probably want to just be left alone and balance the best of personal freedom with the already ample means we have to connect, communicate and do business digitally.

Some of the fear surrounding 5G appears to be justified based on a large body of scientific evidence that manmade EMFs in general cause many health issues. However, the devil is in the detail and there is little evidence to go on as to the specific frequencies used by 5G. Yes, it was developed for autonomous military vehicles and crowd control and perhaps that is its ultimate last resort purpose but is it likely that our fellow humans would be building technology which will harm them also? I don’t know but beware the charlatans in the ‘truther movement’ (disproportionately Christians and former Jehovah Witnesses) who try to hook you into their sphere of influence with enticing messages of doom. It is of course concerning that telecommunication companies and governments are rolling this technology out without first proving it safe but this may be cost cutting cynicism rather than a plot to microwave us.

Russian scientists conducted much of the early research on the effects of exposure to millimetre radiation. The CIA collected and translated the published research but did not declassify it until 2012. In 1977, N.P. Zalyubovskaya published a study, “Biological effects of millimetre waves”. The study examined the effects of exposing mice to millimetre radiation (37–60 GHz; 1 milliwatt per square centimetre) for 15 minutes daily for 60 days. The study concluded that the mice exhibited symptoms of oxidative phosphorylation in their major organs which translates to mitochondrial dysfunction. In other words, the cells could not produce energy properly, downregulated by as much as 64% in their kidneys. The same study observed humans working with millimetre generators exhibited signs of metabolic damage, immune-biological reactivity and increased blood acidity. Another study I have read concludes that exposure to 50 Hz induces activation of the Epstein Barr virus genome in latently infected human lymphoid cells. In other words, exposure increased the number of cells expressing the virus. More research needs to be done. Is it though likely that we will ever be allowed to see reputable studies free of the telecommunications industry interference? Considering that the market is set to be worth $125 billion by 2025 that is looking unlikely. I imagine we will see increasing declarations in the MSM of its safety based on corrupted hearsay or deliberately floored studies which do not go into the long term effects of 5G frequency exposure.

My particular entry point into this issue was not anything I read but my own direct experiences. If I am handling a phone with the mobile data turned on, I experience an unpleasant hot, tingling, anxiety inducing sensation in my head. I mostly therefore keep my phone in airplane mode. If I am too near a WiFi router I get a headache and Bluetooth has my nerves feeling as if they are on fire. The EMF soup of urban areas make me feel just plain awful. After a few days I develop brain fog and chronic fatigue which only dissipates after retreating to the relative safety of the countryside. I am obviously sensitive but there are people diagnosed as electrosensitive who are debilitated by this issue. Most people though it seems feel nothing at all and probably don’t care about the long-term health effects anyway. For those of us who are concerned, fear will only exacerbate this issue. We have entered the age of the manmade frequency whether we like it or not. Certain frequencies can be blocked and positive ones can be produced as Royal Raymond Rife’s now widely used rife machines demonstrate. Rest assured that intelligent people are aware of this problem and we will witness their solutions more in the mainstream as time goes on. For example, I have read a lot about the effects of the Somavedic which is a device which produces harmonising frequencies. It doesn’t block manmade EMFs but it effectively replaces them with therapeutic ones. Ever been in a space where the energy feels soothing and nourishing? It’s like that and apparently it has very real, positive physiological effects. The anecdotal reports are incredibly encouraging. There is also Blushield from New Zealand. We may have to consider rigging up faraday cages around our beds which can be done for a few hundred pounds or using 5G blocking paints and curtains in our bedroom. It seems logical to me that if you can give your body a break from EMFs at night, this will increase our resilience to the cell damage they cause the rest of the time. An obvious solution might be to move to the countryside where the EMF load will be a lot less in comparison to the cities but surely as an insurgent you are planning this anyway? There may be legal avenues we can pursue and if the worst comes to the worst, we can always burn the 5G towers to the ground #probablynotagoodidea. Our mindset though will be our best defence. Fear will be more damaging than 5G ever will be.

I like a lot of people am concerned about the prospect of mandated vaccines as a consequence of this coronavirus situation. No one will pin us down against our will I doubt but I can see a scenario whereby you cannot work and freely associate without having an up to date vaccine record. This top down, one size fits all approach to medicine is dangerous and not for our well-being. It is for pharmaceutical company profits and power. Global vaccine market revenue is set to reach $59.2 billion this year. The adjuvants and preservatives such as mercury and aluminium used in vaccines are designed to cause an inflammatory, immune response. This mechanism affects different people in different ways. Like smoking, some people will be fine whilst others will suffer life changing injuries and chronic illness. I am not against vaccines in theory, in the same way I am not against seatbelts. I would though be against specific types of seatbelts if they were made of dangerous materials which harm people. Vaccines are useful tools but they need to be safe and not used blanketly. Each person needs to be tested extensively by a systems biologist to ensure the recipient’s body is able to cope with the vaccine adjuvants and in any case, only used as a tool for the immuno-compromised where everything else has failed. Further mass vaccination within the context of the current state of health of the average person is a recipe for disaster.

Traditional cultures knew about the benefits of immunisation. A common practice was blowing the sputum of a diseased person up noses of the rest of the tribe in order to create immunity in the community. When a pathogen passes through the nose it creates a cascade effect between our macrophages, interferons and microbiome to create antibodies. Vaccines injected directly into our bloodstream bypass this innate and complex system which can have major damaging consequences for our immune system. US vaccine courts had up until 2018 paid out $4 billion in compensation due to vaccine injuries which is thought to only represent 1% of the cases. They otherwise go mostly unreported because if a reaction is not registered within a few days of the vaccine, it is discounted. Damaged immunity and chronic illnesses as a result of vaccines take time to develop.

What has actually reduced disease rates in the modern world were not vaccines but the effects of civilization, namely plumbing, refrigeration, sanitation, hygiene and nutrition. Great infrastructure means great public health. The worst of civilisation, lots of people living cheek by jowl in foul urban conditions created the problem of infectious disease epidemics, the best of civilisation cured it. As we see rising population due to immigration and infrastructure decline in the West, this exacerbates our long running and ongoing chronic disease epidemic caused by our lifestyle choices, poisoned food, polluted air, contaminated water, manmade EMF saturation and our excessive vaccine schedule. I would like to see people empowered to enhance and take control of their immune systems as I learnt to do after contracting Lyme Disease. My immunity was so bad that for several years I caught everything going. Since I have learnt to enhance my immunity through diet, herbs, supplements and changes in lifestyle, I rarely if ever get ill. It can be done. I don’t need any vaccines to be healthy and I would be concerned that they would have a detrimental effect on my immune system. Your immune system will look after you if you look after it. We are all different physiologically and need to be treated accordingly. Right medicine for the right person at the right time instead of the pharmaceutical lobby dictated top down, one size fits all approach. If you are reading this you are probably someone like myself who understands their own bodies and how to stay well. I have heard it argued that due to the immutable law of karma, our rulers cannot force anything on us without our consent. I hope this is true and that as they aim for the stars of mandatory vaccines, they end up at the moon. Opportunities to have the vaccines will likely become widely available on every high street but hopefully, ultimately no one is going to force us. In the safety of our insurgency strongholds we can embrace the most effective medicine available; natural, traditional methods which have stood the test of time. Whilst we are going to see a renaissance in ancient sciences like herbalism, Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, we will also witness the fruits of the latest science which pushes the boundaries of our understanding of energy medicine and biological systems. We won’t see the death of the reductive, big-pharma, military style, patch up medical system but like us insurgents going our own way, we will see the emergence of a new integrative, holistic model which runs concurrently and serves our health needs.

A positive to come out of all of this is a renewed interest in growing and producing our own food. One of the first things to sell out were seeds and bread flour. Both for pleasure but as a possible necessity, people are waking to the need create new supply lines independent of corporations and supermarkets. A travesty has been the example of dairy farmers having to pour their milk down the drain because processors have refused to collect it due to a fall in demand from the restaurant and café industry. We have farmers facing the problem of not being able to pick and process their produce due to a lack of workforce. Awareness of this problem has grown and so far, 10,000 have answered the appeal to help farmers get their fruit and vegetables out of the ground. Unemployed by the corona god of chaos, I am one of them. I wonder what the effect may be in the national consciousness of urbanites answering the call to return to the land? It sows a seed of exciting potential.

This immediate food emergency is set against a longer-term backdrop of the increasing corporate takeover of the food supply. Food and diets have been weaponised as a means of controlling and engineering the good ‘global citizen’. The oligarchs manipulate us into feeling guilt for our very existence. There are too many of us apparently. We commit original sin by breathing out carbon and consuming precious resources as they fly around in their private jets. They want us allocated our rations of kibble and soy slop in the name of ‘sustainability’ which is actually inverted doublespeak for environmentally destructive, soil eroding, pesticide polluting monoculture for big agribusiness profits. I greatly fear the conditions which are being imposed on small producers as corporations fill in the gaps that their lobbying creates. Small farmers are increasingly struggling to cope with the legislation burden imposed on them. We are witnessing an epidemic of small farms going out of business. Food polarity is stretching to new extremes with the advent of health damaging genetically modified food and the prospect of lab grown meat.

It has always seemed an anathema to me to produce poisoned food. With each new ‘green’ revolution we see more poisoned food which fuels the chronic disease epidemic. Unhealthy food equals unhealthy humans and low consciousness ones to boot. There are though signs of light as we witness an increasing awareness and interest in alternative farming practices such as biodynamic, organic, permaculture and regenerative agriculture which work with nature instead of against it. We need synergistic systems incorporating ruminant animals and plants working in symbiosis to provide the inputs the other needs. For example the cow provides the nutrients and microbes for the soil whilst the grass feeds the cow and maintains healthy soil structure. We need to start thinking in terms of nutrient density per acre instead of mere calories and local production over global. Cutting down rain-forest to ranch cows and to grow soy are two sides of the same environmentally destructive, unsustainable coin. If I had access to land I would be confident of being able to produce healthy, sustainable food which works with the unique conditions of that particular local ecology. I don’t have the answer to the problem of global food supply for the masses but fortunately that is not my burden. It only plays to the technocratic agenda anyway when we fall into the ‘global problems require global solutions’ trap.

For us insurgents we will have to think very carefully about our own needs for healthy food. I suggest that returning to the land by however means possible to grow our own food and raise our own animals will represent a necessity and successful survival strategy in the post-corona reality. If you want something done well or this case done at all, do it yourself. When all those small farmers who have done it the way they have always done it go bust, this could be an incredible opportunity for those of us with the drive, passion and originality to jump into that space and produce the food we actually want to eat.

I hope you have enjoyed this delve into our possible collective future and gleamed some useful insights. Whatever our new system will look like, I urge you not to be messianic and belligerent. Do your best to stay under the radar, go along with the more benign aspects and smile back at the government official (the new favoured inner circle). We will need to accept our limitations in fighting the system but neither should we accept the 'new normal’ imposed on us by tech oligarchs, corporations, bureaucrats and the mainstream media. Those who engage in showy acts of defiance feed the digital algorithms and will only help to shockproof. Just like in any form of occupation there will be workarounds and avenues to work with. Don’t bother trying to wake people up. If they aren’t aware by now of the coup taking place, they never will be.

One nourishing act of defiance I would heartily support will be being more touchy-feely than usual. The architects of our new system want us scared of each other, dehumanised into not making eye contact and fearing embrace. Do the opposite. Be extra affectionate with your loved ones. Humour will also be a great defence. One thing a system built by soulless meat golems won’t be able to cope with is the power of the meme, bard and mocking contempt. No AI or digital algorithms will ever be able to assimilate erudite, edgy humour that constantly evolves with the archetypal and cultural zeitgeist. Ultimately, we’ve always lived under some kind of control system. We’ll adapt to whatever comes. Fear not fellow insurgents. Our forebears survived everything thrown at them. We will too. This is a soul journey and if you are fortunate enough to be part of the spiritual aristocracy you are here to witness these incredible times and to learn everything you can from the experience. Forget the Illuminati, those of us who think, feel and create for ourselves are the real global elite. As Carl Jung said:

“The great events of world history are, at bottom, profoundly unimportant…In the last analysis the essential thing is the life of the individual. This alone makes history, here alone do the great transformations first take place, and the whole future, the whole history of the world, ultimately spring as a gigantic summation from these hidden sources in individuals. In our most private and most subjective lives we are not only the passive witnesses of our age, and its sufferers, but also its makers. We make our own epoch.”

The point is that no system of power can stop us from creating the lives we want. May we all find creative ways to express the transcendent ground of being which unites all life. This is your chance to prove yourself to be an inimitable warrior and a soul worthy of spending the rest of eternity with. Let’s create our own breakaway civilisation and bring about a second Renaissance.

Fortify yourself with this mantra and do not fear:

“I serve the source of all life with my sovereignty.”



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