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Coronavirus, the Real Agenda?

(Written on 28th March. Has it aged well or badly in light of new evidence? You decide).

A long read, my thoughts…

From day one everything about this Covid-19 virus situation has oozed deceit and malice like nothing I have ever observed and felt before. Anyone who took those images, figures and statistics from China at face value were making a leap of faith. China is a full totalitarian police state. Its citizens are fully surveilled and can’t do anything without the permission of their government. All media and information are strictly controlled. The country is in a permanent state of lockdown. Chinese citizens have no free speech and anyone who tries to speak out will be disappeared. We cannot trust anything that comes out of China so if you are trying to understand this situation you have to start by throwing out the narrative initially offered to us. We have no chance of telling whether it was true or not. The World Health Organisation is run by criminals. They too I suggest cannot be trusted.

It is my belief based on my observations and anecdotal reports that the Covid-19 virus has been with us in the UK since December last year. So many people I know have reported having an extreme flu like illness in the last few months. I think I nearly succumbed to it back in January. We know that the majority of people who contract it are asymptomatic. The threat is real but not significant enough to warrant the current response and burning down of the house. Surely the rational response is to allow the fit and well to go about their business in order to ensure that our supply chains and economy do not collapse? Isolate the sick and elderly. Pour resources into creating extra ICU beds. Locking the elderly in their homes, stopping surgeries and high unemployment are recipes for more people dieing from the medicine than from the actual virus.

Our own government did not take the situation seriously at first. It did not close the borders or enforce fever screening on air passengers when they had the chance unlike for example Russia which closed its borders early on and has reported few cases. Unbelievably whilst we have been placed in effective lock-down, our borders still have not been closed. Maintaining the Globalist project is more important to our government than the health and safety of its citizens. We are to believe that all of a sudden they care so much for us that they are suddenly after a 60 year obsession with economic growth, GDP and jobs willing to burn down the entire system to prevent a virus with an apparent 0.4% mortality rate from spreading.

We come to the reality of this situation. The crux of this issue is not a virus but the nature of our neoliberal economic system. Since the 1970s we have not had any kind of real economy. We have been living under a giant debt Ponzi scheme, debt piled up on more debt for the enrichment of bankers and global financiers. World debt stands currently at $253 trillion. I have known for years both intellectually and intuitively that the collapse was coming and have tried to warn anyone open minded enough to listen. The debt mountain could only go so far. There's also not enough money to cover Western pensions. A major clue was the record number of CEOs who quit their positions towards the end of 2019. They knew what was coming and that the game was up. This virus is being used as an excuse for a controlled demolition in order to reorder the global financial system and to socially engineer changes in our behaviour. The coming economic collapse will be blamed on this virus. It was inevitable but if allowed to have taken place naturally, the politicians and bankers responsible would likely have ended up hanging from lampposts. This is their attempt at damage limitation in order to try to safeguard themselves. If you want to know what is coming, I suggest researching the Great Depression of the 1930s. Start to prepare yourself psychologically and practically as best you can for the big 'financial reset'.

In the words of Thomas Sheridan:

“The ponzi scheme is up…So what was their alternative? Scaling back the global economy to what it was in the early 70s as quickly as they can without them being lynched. Tell people it happened because of a virus. The Normies will accept this rather than an outright crash. The lockdown also allows behavioural modification and social controls to be introduced - via 'emergency legislation' to get people ready for food, fuel and unemployment shortages/queues. We are being trained right now.

This is the major global economic crash predicted for years. It's here. Disguised as pandemic so you do not murder your government. This is it. The Great Depression 2. Micro and Macromanaged with a lie. Social Distancing today = Soup Kitchen Lines tomorrow. This time you are getting Lattes and Biscotti, rather than Coffee and Donuts. But it is still the same thing”.

The other aspect of this are various global strategic agendas. These include the 4th industrial revolution, the rollout of 5G*, the end of national fiat currencies, digital crypto currencies, the complete corporate takeover of goods, services and food supply, the end of SMEs, increased censorship and surveillance, the end of the internet free market of information, microchipping (ID2020), universal basic income, social credit scores, mandatory vaccines, reduced industrial output, cashless society etc. (Notice how parliaments have been suspended across the Western world, governments are using “protecting legislators from covid” as an opportunity to rush through far reaching legislation that otherwise would never have got passed). Many of these agendas were dovetailed onto the carbon climate change agenda. The last throw of the dice was Extinction Rebellion which did not work and was being broadly mocked by the public for the contrived psy-op that it was. Like an exasperated boss, Mr Global snapped and shouted “just get it done!”. The virus will be used to try to achieve various global strategic aims.

(*The 5G link to covid-19 is groundless and unprovable. Whether it escaped from a laboratory or from a wetmarket, Chinese malpractice is to blame. Legitimate concerns about covid-19 testing & statistics + legitimate concerns about safety of 5G = irrational, cooky conspiracy theorist. The lumping of the two together nullifies both issues and may be a deliberate ploy. The rollout of 5G without safety studies is a legitimate concern but shouldn’t I suggest be lumped in with coronavirus).

We then have the deception and hysteria peddled by the mainstream media designed to spread fear. I have never known anything like it. I have nothing but contempt for the mainstream media, being as it is the propaganda machine for corporate, internationalist and oligarchical interests. Delve into the narratives and many of them quickly fall apart; the nature of the testing, statistics, false positives, recorded causes of death etc. Did you know for example that the 9% mortality rate in Italy was because hospitals were only testing the already critically ill? Many of those who have reportedly died already had underlying health conditions and would likely have died soon anyway. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that the more people who get tested, the more cases there will be particularly using a PCR test which is the diagnostic equivalent of Russian roulette scewed as it is toward false positives based on universal genetic material that we all exude. More testing means more cases and therefore more recorded deaths. It does not necessarily point to a rise in transmission rate. 646,000 people died worldwide from the flu last year. Why was a pandemic not declared then?

It is quite rational to question the data. If 100 people in hospital with breathing difficulties were tested and 50% of them were diagnosed with corona virus and 10% go on to die, should we simply leave it at that? Do those numbers (that empirical data) tell the full story? What about the nature of the test? Which test was used? Is it the same unreliable PCR test? Which corona virus is being tested for? To accurately identify the exact type of corona virus requires a battery of further tests. The idea that any one test offered today can isolate a specific virus like COVID-19 is incorrect. We then have the issue of recorded cases of death. If someone has leukaemia and they contract corona virus, they die, how is it decided and who gets to decide what the cause of death is? You also have the issue of co infections which can only be known if they are tested for (an 'unknown unknown’. We also have the factors of the lifestyles and environments of the patients leading up to the hospital admission. The point I’m trying to make is that it is quite rational to question the nature of the corona virus empirical data being offered to us. It does not make you a 'corona-denier' or conspiracy theorist if you do. A statistic doesn’t tell the full story.

The majority of those who contract coronavirus it seems will have mild symptoms or be asymptomatic. If you are in good health you likely have nothing to fear. Get plenty of sunlight, fresh air, eat nutrient dense food, exercise regularly, avoid excessive exposure to EMFs, take immune boosting supplements/herbs and you will ensure a healthy immune system, the best defence against pathogens. The fear and lies being spread by the mainstream media are despicable. I hope one day to see them held accountable. One of your best defences against coronavirus is avoiding their content. Doing your own research not only empowers you with information to make informed decisions but avoiding fear helps safeguard your health. Fear causes increased cortisol which damages immunity. We all have viruses lying dormant in our cells waiting for us to become rundown so they can take hold. There is nothing uniquely threatening about this virus. Illness is more of a reflection of our state of health than it is the nature of any pathogen.

The most disturbing aspect of all of this has been our compliance. I would have hoped that the lock-down and disruption to our lives, jobs and future prospects may have caused ripples of discontent. We have been pacified with helicopter money and suntans. I have studied the nature of totalitarianism my entire adult life. It is my observation that in most cases it is ordinary people who police themselves. We are seeing this currently as the snitches and low lives shame hikers and dog walkers on social media. We are sleep walking into a police state enforced not by the state but by the social pressure of our peers. The events of 9/11 heralded an era in which terrorism was used to justify the building of an unprecedented surveillance state. I fear we have entered the age of the virus as invisible threats are used to justify the removal of the last of our freedoms and to build a digital control grid.

My most optimistic take is that Mr Global is clearly desperate and may be overplaying his hand. I can imagine there are various competing factions with different agendas who have all jumped onto this opportune bandwagon. I believe it is the nature of the universe not to facilitate sustainable authoritarianism. I see this in spiritual terms and part of an ongoing war on human consciousness by a criminal oligarchy. They are striking hard. It is a test for all of us. Fear is the true mind killer and I for one will do my best to stay positive and not succumb to the hysteria, panic and doom. I feel no threat from any virus. The threat I feel comes from the shadows of global governance, officialdom, "experts", bureaucratic zealots, the mainstream media, soulless meat golems and the effects of suddenly burning to the ground a system which we rely on for our food, jobs and material needs. I am over trying to wake people up but if any of this has struck a chord I urge you to try not to be the compliant, good little global citizen. Your compliance is likely facilitating a dystopian future. We need to fail their social experiment.

I suggest to use this opportunity to build links with like-minded others in order to live a more independent, creative and fulfilling life. Tough times are ahead but at every fault line there are opportunities. We can fight the forces
of centralisation with decentralisation and localisation. This is our chance to prove ourselves and that we have not lost our decency and humanity. It is a great time to reconnect with ourselves, our loved ones, read and embark on creative projects. Hopefully this will fizzle out sooner than we might expect as there is only so much heightened emotion people can take before resignation and rationalisation naturally kick in. Whatever happens, maintain detachment and a sense of humour. The Shanghai Shakes will not defeat us. The sun will rise again. Keep shining the light. We will survive this unprecedented technocratic power-play. Do not fear.

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